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CAREots is a result of a multi-year journey listening carefully to what employers and their workforce (employees, contractors, contingent, gig, etc.) told us.

One voice succinctly captured what we repeatedly heard from workers...

“Work and life is a 24-hour job. I take work home because it must get done. I expect in return to be encouraged to bring my life to work. Experiencing anything less makes me question if my employer truly cares about me, my life, and the endless battle to keep my life and work in harmony.”

Employers want engaged productive workers. In return, workers want to be respected and treated as individuals (human beings) first, workers second. 




To CARE for someone is to make a vested and visible interest in their overall well-being by providing the emotional support, time, resources, and monies they need to thrive.

We had three core design principles for CAREots. 

  • Make it different (rise above the norms/noise),

  • Make it obvious (common sense once you see it), 

  • Make it easy (to implement, administer, and use).


Given the positive feedback from our initial Council customers we believe we're on track.

CAREots is a missing ingredient for employers to show they truly care about their workforce’s total professional and personal well-being (Career, Social, Financial, Physical, Community).

Employers who invest in their workforce as Individuals to thrive in life will get better engagement, productivity, and business results. This is the secret to winning the war to attract, inspire, and retain talent in today’s hyper-competitive labor market.

If your story is like ours, we invite you to learn more about the present market dynamics and empirical research driving the need for CAREots. Let’s Thrive!

Professional Resources


To produce desired business results, most organizations have been laser-focused on providing "Professional" resources in the following areas:


  • Compensation – Salary and Bonuses

  • Benefits – Health and Wellness

  • Work Resources – Tools for the Job

  • Environment – Safe and Energetic Work Space


And they have been very successful in delivering on these Professional requirements.


Workforce (Employee, Contractor, GIG Economy, etc.)


Assessing today’s working environment, organizations have come to the realization that there are several major factors affecting their workforces. 

  • The labor market is tightening. Attracting, inspiring, and retaining talent is critical.

  • With technological improvements, there is more and more of a co-mingling of an individual’s professional and personal life.  Work/Life boundaries no longer exist.

  • The largest sector of the current and future workforce is made up of Millennials and Generation Z. These individuals value “experiences” and as a result look and expect organizations to provide ‘experiences’ as part of their employment.  

  • The definition of employment is quickly changing within this workforce. It is forecasted independent workers (contract, gig, etc.) will be greater than employees in the next three years.


Based on all these changes, organizations must start investing in “personal resources” to help their workforce keep work and life in harmony.   



LIFE + WORK = 24/7 job. Taking work home is a given. Bringing life to work is expected in return. 

Health and wellness benefits programs have been around for decades. They are designed to reduce insurance premiums and ensure workers are physically able to do their job. 

Wellness is not well-being. Well-being is about an individual’s ability to handle their daily life, major life events, and overall happiness.

Plenty has been written about well-being. Based on their empirical evidence connecting “well-being to engagement to business results”, we have standardized on Gallup’s definition. Gallup says there are five essential and interdependent elements to well-being. As human beings, we “thrive” when we are performing well in four or more.

Gallup’s five essential elements of well-being are:

  1. Career—liking what we do each day

  2. Social—experiencing quality relationships

  3. Financial—possessing short and long-term financial confidence

  4. Physical—having the energy to get things done daily free of pain

  5. Community – feeling a sense of safety and belonging where we live


Most organizations have invested in wellness. Forward-acting employers realize they must now move beyond wellness to provide the “personal resources” required to improve the well-being of their workers.

This is why we created CAREots!



CAREots is a discretionary compensation platform for organizations to manage and provide “personal resources” to improve the well-being of their workers.

Through partnerships with top companies, their products and services are organized into one or more of Gallup’s five elements of well-being.  

Once provided, workers are empowered to make choices based on what’s most important in their daily life, major life events, and overall well-being.

The CAREots’ platform:

•    Builds on proven standards (technology, privacy, security)
•    Works across all devices and platforms
•    Takes seconds to learn and use
•    Provides comprehensive reporting and insights

CAREots for Companies and Organizations


CAREots is an anytime anywhere application offered and funded by an organization for their workforce. It’s a non-cash compensation ingredient easily added to your current Total Rewards strategy. Through our unique technology, CAREots can be instantly adjusted as business priorities change.


CAREots is built from empirical evidence on how best to improve employee well-being and engagement. It’s an obvious, unique, and easy way to show visible proof you care about your employees’ well-being while recognizing, and rewarding better performance. CAREots drives high performance behaviors by responding to our most basic needs: Respect, Recognition, Control, Choice. Choices are personalized to show how they will make their daily life, major life events, and overall well-being better.  


CAREots is a well-being platform that addresses the personal resources required to improve attracting new employees, retaining current employees and improve the overall morale and engagement of your workforce.

LIFE + WORK is a 24/7 job. Life’s daily obstacles along with major life events causes distractions and disruptions.

CAREots for the Workforce


LIFE + WORK is a 24/7 job. Life’s daily obstacles along with major life events causes distractions and disruptions. CAREots provides “personal resources” to help keep life and work in harmony. Harmony reduces stress and improves the overall quality of life.

Organizations who deploy CAREots recognize well-being is essential and realize their responsibility to move toward a well lived life, both personally and professionally.