A different

way to attract, recruit, engage, and retain your most important talent.

CAREots is an essential Total Rewards ingredient. It “makes life better” for your workforce and shows you care about their happiness (well-being) at work and in life. 

CAREots gives your workforce a personalized curated experience to control and use as they want to make their daily life, major life-events, and overall happiness (well-being) better.

As compared to other Total Rewards investments, CAREots provides four times (4X) the “recognition of value”.

The World’s most admired companies have figured this out.


Great leaders know they must constantly seek new ways to get and keep their best talent. Great companies are turning to CAREots to further distance themselves from their rivals.


  • Partner with Gallup and have access to their insights to build CAREots.

  • Know confidently what drives happiness (well-being). 

  • Build a solution based on the most essential human needs: respect, options, and control.

  • Assemble and integrate great consumer brands never offered to employers.

  • Give employers an obvious way to show they care about their workforce. 

  • Provide employers easy and cost-effective access for their workforce.

  • Deliver an intuitive and positive personalized experience for workers.

  • Let workers choose what they want to make their life better.

  • Report insights about workforce happiness (well-being) to get and keep top talent.



CAREots is provided by your employer to make your daily life, major life events, and overall well-being better.

Access helpful personal resources when and where you want through the CAREots online app.

Explore ways to improve your daily life and overall well-being by spending CAREency dollars.

Discover great consumer brands, products and services from nationally recognized industry leaders.

Choose exactly what you need or want to make life a little easier.

See your available CAREency balance provided by your employer. Enjoy these dollars to use as you wish.

CAREots is here to help with your daily life, major life events, and overall well-being. Choose well, live better!

Purchase with your CAREency card the same way you would your own credit card. But this time it's from your CAREots account.