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W@W Platform Executive Summary

Wellbeing is the Journey. Find your map.

The W@W platform is a web application and cloud platform to help educate employees about their wellbeing and happiness. Gallup Wellbeing at Work takes this a step further by offering prescriptive products and services to help employees take the steps needed to thrive and become a more engaged workforce. Gallup Wellbeing at Work gives access to some of the best research and tools available to understand what drives individual and organizational happiness. Once ready, Gallup Wellbeing at Work gives users the freedom to choose from carefully selected products and services that address specific elements of wellbeing.

Gallup ( is the recognized world leader in providing research and surveys on employee engagement to improve wellbeing (happiness). Gallup provides Wellbeing at Work with exclusive Wellbeing Finder resources and access to their research and insights for employees. Through science-based activities and games, our Happify tracks reduce stress and anxiety while building optimism and mindfulness. Happify provides Gallup Wellbeing at Work users with premium access to tracked topics, content, and meditations.

Gallup Wellbeing at Work is used to attract, recruit, engage, and retain talent. Other common uses include reinforcing corporate culture/values, advancing wellbeing (happiness), individual/team appreciation, new hire sign-on, achievement rewards, and tenure.

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